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Projects practical schedule

Deadlines and tasks of the host centers participating in the UPG projects

January 15, 2015: deadline to submit the formal documents and the projects proposals (forms and detailed information are available at this link).

From February to May 2015: the Unipharma-Graduates team will submit to the host centers the CVs of the selected candidates.
The host centers can evaluate the application also through a phone/skype interview with the candidate and should communicate as soon as possible their decision to the UPG team.
The acceptance should be confirmed through a formal Letter.
After the acceptance, the tutor can agree with the trainee the start date of the placement, the logistic aspects, etc.

Start and duration of the placements
The training period will have a duration of 6 months and should start between March 1st and April 30, 2015 (all the placements have to finish by the end of October 2015).
If necessary, the training period can also start during May 2015, but in this case its duration will have to be proportionally reduced (for ex., starting half May will imply a duration of 5,5 months).

At the beginning of each placement
The host centers will have to sign a "Training Agreement" (also containing the information about the scientific and formative content of the mobility period) that will be sent for each trainee in 4 copies by Sapienza International Office. Two copies of the Training Agreement have to be sent back to Sapienza after signature.

At the end of the placement
The tutor/supervisor of each trainee will be required to send an evaluation report about the trainee (the form will be provided), to check and sign the Scientific Report prepared by each trainee about the project developed during her/his placement, to sign the document Europass Mobility that Sapienza University will provide to each trainee.


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